After a proper and complete medical examination, the physician may recommend one of two or both surgical procedures to assist the healing process.

Toe Ulcers: Dr. Laborde performs the in-office "toe flexor tenotomy" or release of the toe tendon. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes about 15 minutes. The patient usually returns to their daily routines.

Toe Flexor Tenotomy.


Ball of Foot Ulcers: Dr. Laborde performs a "tendon lengthening " procedure, in medical term it is called an "intramuscular recession of the gastroc-soleus" or "Vulpius Procedure" The procedure takes approximately one hour, is performed on an out-patient surgical basis and immediate walking is okay.

The patient returns for follow-up about two weeks after the procedure.

Typically both procedures and follow-ups are covered by health insurance.